Voters Casting Ballots Early in Key Primary Race

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The Associated Press reports that record numbers of Texans are voting early. More than half a million have cast early ballots in the 15 largest Texas counties so far, more than four times the turnout in 2004.

And here in Ohio, election officials say the Democratic primary is on track to top the absentee-ballot record set in 2006. That's when more than 700,000 absentee ballots were cast.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections has had nearly 60 thousand voters send in absentee ballots so far. And about 2300 people have come in person to cast early ballots in the downtown headquarters. On Sunday, the Board of Elections will start scanning absentee ballots. Data will stored and secured until polls close on March 4th.

You can still vote early. Absentee ballot requests have to be received at the board office by noon tomorrow. And voters can cast early ballots in person weekdays until 430pm, and Saturday between 8:30 and noon. Mhari Saito, 90.3.

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