President Bush visits NE Ohio

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After a ten minute tour of the company's brand new automation center, President Bush wanted to talk energy to the crowd of about 400 mostly supportive Lincoln Electric workers. He focused on how `his' energy policy; impacts 'their' jobs.

PRESIDENT BUSH "I was the guy that punched the button (laughter) on the welding machine that is making state of the art pipeline equipment, to be able to move natural gas to market. The more active we are here in the United States to find our own oil reserves, the more business companies like yours will get."

Besides tapping domestic oil and gas sources, the President pushed for increased wind and nuclear energy, and the cultivation of so-called clean coal technologies. And he pressured Congress to follow his lead.

PRESIDENT BUSH "I'm calling on the Democrat leadership in the U.S. Congress to pass good legislation on behalf of the consumers of the United States of America."

Electrical engineer Todd Cookin liked what he heard.

COOKIN "to stay competitive in the US and in Ohio, we definately need the government on our side."}

Following the visit, Mr. Bush attended a GOP fund-raiser before returning to Washington.
Rick Jackson, 90.3.

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