Poll Shows Kucinich Ahead

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Some people complained when Kucinich spent months on his national quest for the presidency, but a survey from Public Policy Polling says the majority of Democrats he serves will sent him back to his Congressional post.

The six-term incumbent earned 55 percent support from the 470 likely democratic voters polled. Cimperman, who has spent a decade in Cleveland Council chambers, earned 29 percent support in those polls. None of the other democrats in the race, North Olmsted Mayor Thomas O'Grady, Barbara Anne Ferris or Rosemary Palmer broke 5 percent.

Experts said early on that the number of Democrats in the primary would split the vote in Kucinich's favor.

Kucinich made a public plea on You-tube for donations when Cimperman started airing commercials that lampooned the congressman. The plea raised almost $700,000 in donations from across the country in a little more than a month.

The winner of Tuesday's race faces a Republican in November.

Kymberli Hagelberg, 90.3.

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