Ohio 4th Nationally In Bioscience Review

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Business Facilities Magazine released what's being called one of the most detailed surveys ever to examine biotech growth, spending, and research.

Measuring all 50 states, it placed Ohio fourth - tied with Texas - in the overall rankings, and called the state a national leader in the field.

Jack Rogers is the Business Facilities Editor-in-chief.

ROGERS: "The states that are doing really well are the ones that have coordinated efforts, that are leveraging university systems and laboratory initiatives and the institutions that they have and they're really putting the whole thing together."

More than 20 separate categories were considered to compile scores, and Ohio's $146 billion-dollar bioscience economy involving more than 800 companies and organizations put the state among the national leaders.

The Third Frontier project - begun during the Taft administration to create high tech jobs - was praised for allocating more than $350 million dollars to biosceince-related development and commercialization. Also noted were education and research facilities at CASE, Ohio State, and the University of Cincinnati.

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