New Public Policy Think Tank For Progressives

Another public policy think tank is taking form in Ohio. This one, Innovation Ohio, is meant to offer real time public policy positions on important issues facing Ohioans. It’s president, Jannetta King, formerly worked in Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s office. She says the group is funded by anonymous donations. But she says Ohioans will someday soon know who sits on the ten member board that oversees the group.

"We have several folks who have accepted those positions, but we would like to release it. We have the full ten members onboard. We will also in the future be making public policy advisors. You know, some of those folks that we talked about like the academics and public policy experts that will be working with us to be at the ready to comment on policy."

One person who won’t be on the board….former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. King says Strickland will not have a role in Innovation Ohio though he is supportive of the group.

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