New Clinic Center to Address Minority Health

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The Minority Men's Health Center, located in the Cleveland Clinic's Glickman Urological Institute, will be dedicated to helping minority men detect disease early. Of critical importance will be the screening of prostate cancer, the most common cause of cancer in adult men in the United States.

That's according to Doctor Andrew Novick, who spearheaded the effort and is chairman of the Clinic's Urological Institute. Doctor Novick says there are over 160,000 new prostate cancer cases detected every year.

Andrew Novick: There are twice as many deaths from prostate cancer among African-American men, and yet, the disease is detected only half as often in African Americans compared to white patients.

Doctor Novick says the center will be making every effort to provide access to patients, independent of their financial means. If successful, Doctor Novick says this type of program will be replicated across the country. After tomorrow's dedication ceremony, the center's doors will officially open Thursday. In Cleveland, Tasha Cook, 90.3.

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