NASA Glenn to Play Part in Return to Moon

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It was just a few years ago that the future of the NASA Glenn Research Center appeared to be in jeopardy. But now the space agency is planning a return-mission to the moon by 2020, and NASA officials have announced new work assignments that will give Glenn a solid footing in space exploration for years.

The center will develop many parts of the so-called Constellation program's propulsion, energy, and safety systems.

Woodrow Whitlow Jr. is NASA Glenn's director.

Woodrow Whitlow Jr.: The assignments that you heard today do ensure long term viability of the Glenn Research Center by giving us significant roles and allowing us to make significant contributions to the nation's space program.

There are few details on how much money the center will get, as the projects are still somewhat in flux. However, Whitlow says it should keep the workforce intact for upwards of a decade.

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