Nano-Technology Conference to be Held in Cleveland

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David C. Barnett: It all sounds like the fertile fantasies of a science fiction writer --- a comic book fiction writer, at that: wounded soldiers who get CPR from their uniforms... micro machines that destroy cancer cells... tiny sensors embedded everywhere, counting , measuring and screening everything that touches our lives. This is Cleveland's fourth annual nano applications summit. One participant said, four years ago, this kind of a meeting played more like a science project, but nowadays the emphasis is on real world applications. For instance Summit host Alexis Abramson says today's focus will be on the automobile industry.

Alexis Abramson: People think of it as old and slow, and yet there's quite a bit of innovation going on. And certainly, with a lot of controversy around the auto industry and how it's structuring itself., these days. And so, we see the automotive industry as being a really interesting area to a wide audience of people.

David C. Barnett: Nano technology is being used to create stronger and lighter car frames. New automotive finishes that shed dirt and grime have also been developed. Wednesday's meeting will focus on innovations in energy creation, and Thursday will be devoted to military applications.
David C. Barnett, 90.3.

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