JumpStart Launches Entrepreneurial Network Website

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The regional business development group Jumpstart has launched its Entrepreneurial Network website that brings a multitude of organizations under a single referral umbrella - groups like NortTech, the Akron Global business Accelorator and Bioenterprise, just to name a few.

Kathy Belk, Chief Relationship Officer of Jumpstart, says the network is supported with funding from Ohio's Third Frontier technology development program, and provides a one-stop resource for entrepreneurs with good business ideas for tech products with high growth potential.

"Those include advanced energy, biomedical or healthcare, advanced electronics and IT," Belk says.

"However, there are many other resources in Northeast Ohio for entrepreneurs and if entrepreneurs aren't sure if they aren't sure if they fit that profile, they can approach the network and the network will refer them to the right person who can fit their needs."

In 21 counties, ranging from Youngstown to Canton, entrepreneurs can access experts for business plan support, pre-seed or seed capital, incubator services, technical assistance, and education. JumpStart's aims is to not only to provide services, but to deliver economic impact by raising capital, generating revenues, and creating jobs.

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