Inner Belt Rehab: Moving to the Next Phase?

Cleveland officials and local stakeholders have been at odds with ODOT over access to I-90 as it passes through downtown between Jacobs Field and Dead Man's Curve. Now, Mayor Jackson says three years is long enough for debate.

The Mayor says ODOT has agreed to keep the Broadway Avenue ramp open. But he's conceded to ODOT's plan to close ramps at Carnegie and Prospect Avenues and funnel traffic to those streets from Chester, reducing accidents and congestion.

Jim Haviland, of Midtown Cleveland says, despite this, his and other community groups will remain involved.

Jim Haviland: From the standing of the community groups we need to look at this. Clearly there were a number of stakeholders who felt the elimination of Carnegie was going to have significant economic impact on them.

To keep federal money set aside for the project, construction must start by 2008.

Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 90.3.

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