Gun Shot Victim in Stable Condition

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Jory Aebly's condition was upgraded this morning from critical to serious. The 26-year-old Cleveland Clinic researcher, and his friend Jeremy Pechanek, 28, were shot early Sunday on East 12th Street in downtown Cleveland.

Neurosurgeon Robert Geertman told the press that Aebly shows no signs of paralysis, and although his speech is impaired, he is communicating with family and medical staff. Geertman says while there are still no gaurentees, Aebly is very, very lucky.

GEERTMAN: The bullet having gone maybe one centimeter or more in one direction we wouldn't be having this discussion

Geertman says the bullet that entered behind his left ear, primarily affected the parts of his brain that affect sensation, while sparing regions required for movement or other more vital functions. Swelling, he believes is primarily responsible for impacting Aebly's speech, which may improve with time. It is uncertain if the damage has affected his vision. And while the final outcome is very uncertain Geertman is surprised by his progress.

GEERTMAN: My jaw was on the floor after a day or two seeing he's hanging on. I'm still pretty awestruck that he's doing as well as he's doing.

A CAT scan shows bullet fragments remain in the brain, but doctors say there is likely no need to remove them. If Aebely continues to improve at the current rate, he could leave the intensive care unit in just a few days.

Gretchen Cuda, 90.3

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