Elizabeth Edwards Makes City Club Appearance

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Elizabeth Edwards says encouragement from friends and strangers bolstered her ability to battle her first bout of breast cancer in 2004.

Elizabeth Edwards: I hope that people who don't have the cameras on them are also feeling that support. There are a lot of people getting a lot less support then I get and if you know them, make this attention to people facing dire news a calling to you to be supportive of them.

In the audience at the City Club of Cleveland, many had already read her book or knew her cancer history, and were receptive to her message.

Sherrie Poor: I think she should run for president.
Susan Hersman: In everything that she's going through, to be able to tell people go forward make a difference, its so important, is really is.
Nancy Kronen: Sometimes there's a walk away attitude, you know that I can't deal with it. And I think she's teaching us that we can deal with it.

Sherrie Poor, Susan Hersman and Nancy Kronen - audience members at the City Club speech by Elizabeth Edwards. Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 90.3.

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