Cuyahoga County Re-Evaluating Plans for Ameritrust Site

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The tower, designed by renowned architect Marcel Breuer, was supposed to be leveled to make way for a new headquarters for Cuyahoga County workers. But now that the convention center and Medical Mart are top priorities, the county is reevaluating its plans for the Ameritrust site.

County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones says the commissioners now considering selling the property or postponing development until the city completes a new juvenile justice center and the Medical Mart.

JONES: We still do have the option of holding onto the property until we've worked through some of our projects or perhaps until a miracle occurs and our revenue improves substantially so we can work on all three projects.

But Lawson, who has opposed demolishing the tower from the beginning, says the Euclid corridor is beginning to see an economic renaissance, making the location more attractive to the private sector. Some developers have already expressed interest in the site for new retail and housing.

For 90.3, I'm Dan Bobkoff.

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