Cleveland Joins United Nations Compact

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Mayor Jackson joined Fairmount Minerals, the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University in signing the Global Compact, a pledge for environmental and corporate responsibility that is an initiative of the United Nations.

Jackson: "We must change from exploiting our environment and people to sustainability."

Jackson said as part of the UN initiative the city will institute a pilot recycling program, reduce the fuel used by city departments and work to attract environmentally sound businesses.

Jackson: " ...and our economic development department is looking at how do we provide incentives for green companies to come to Cleveland, do business in the city of Cleveland, and create an environment for them where it becomes profitable."

Besides environmental measures, companies in the compact agree to voluntarily report their progress in making socially responsible policies. Suggested policies include curbing corruption, supporting human rights and collective bargaining agreements.

Kymberli Hagelberg, 90.3

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