Board of Elections Deciding Fate of Touchscreens

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After hearing public testimony Monday, the board is meeting again today to consider scrapping touchscreen voting in favor of an optical scan system. They could also choose to delay the decision until after the March primary. But Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner warned again yesterday that putting it off could put the general election in peril.

BRUNNER: They would be implementing a brand new system for the first time in a presidential election when we can anticipate 80% turnout in the most populous county in the state, and I think that's a terrible risk to take.

If there is a vote today, Brunner will be the tie-breaker. But Candice Hoke of Cleveland State's Center for Election Integrity says she hopes they announce a resolution rather than take a vote.

HOKE: I don't want to see, I don't think voters should want to see partisan votes on voting technology questions. And I think these should be very careful, deliberative choices that are inclusive of community members.

The board meets early this afternoon. SOC

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