Auditor Launches Performance Review of Lottery

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Normally, it’s a state agency itself that requests a review of its performance from the auditor’s office. But, for the lottery, Auditor Taylor is taking the unusual step of initiating the review herself. Her office will examine the lottery’s executive structure and overall effectiveness, as compared with other states.

Taylor says there’s no specific reason she’s singling out the lottery.

TAYLOR: Everyone keeps asking that question: what are you looking for? What are you looking for? And, really, what we’re looking to do is work with the lottery, work with the director, and in an independent way review the way they function and operate.

Taylor says the review was prompted by the lottery’s recent addition of Keno, video slot machines and other expansion efforts. She wants to make sure as much money as possible is going to support education.

Taylor will meet with the head of the lottery Monday and plans to release her findings this summer. She says she has no current plans to launch performance audits of other state agencies.

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