Ohio fails human trafficking evaluation, organizations coordinate in attacking problem

January is human trafficking awareness month [shutterstock / stepanpopov]
January is human trafficking awareness month [shutterstock / stepanpopov]
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Late last year, Shared Hope International - a non-profit that deals with the fight against sex trafficking released report cards on how every state in the nation deals with child and youth sex trafficking.

The criteria judge aspects like protecting sex trafficking survivors, providing long-term care, and holding buyers and traffickers accountable.

Ohio received an ‘F’ on that report card.

This may not come as a total surprise to those who are aware of the terrible realities of human trafficking. Ohio, because of its central location in the nation, the amount of highways, and its urban areas - sees a lot of human trafficking activity.

Looking more broadly, since the standards are very high on the report cards, 39 states and Washington, D.C. receiving failing grades.

While the results are disheartening, the report also serves as a call to action on what needs to happen, to more successfully combat sex trafficking.

Today on the program, we look at the report's findings and at what's been done here in Northeast Ohio. We have convened a panel of experts - ranging from those who focus on victim intake, to legal ramifications, to the healthcare perspective.

Later in the show, we have my conversation with Cleveland author Brad Ricca. His new book looks at an expedition to find the fabled Ark of the Covenant.

The adventures in the book may have inspired the big-screen adventures of Indiana Jones, and his quest for the Ark.


- Kirsti Mouncey, President and CEO, Collaborative to End Human Trafficking

- Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director, Canopy Child Advocacy Center

- Maya Simek, Director of the Human Trafficking Law Project & Health & Human Trafficking Clinical Professor, Case Western Reserve University

- Kathleen Hackett, Pediatric SANE Program Coordinator, University Hospitals at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland

- Brad Ricca, author, “True Raiders”

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