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For the first time, the federal government is allowing people to find out if they carry certain cancer risks through the home genetic testing company, 23 and Me, without a doctor. More companies could follow suit. Monday on The Sound of Ideas at 9, we’ll ask a geneticist what people should know before they send in their DNA. Then, many millennials are delaying buying homes, having kids and saving for retirement, and a new report says millennials may never be as rich as their parents. We’ll talk to a panel of young folks about the financial hurdles their generation has had to overcome, and what strengths come from being the most educated generation in history. 



-Dr. David Flannery, MD, Medical Geneticist, Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute

-Ida Lieszkovszky Hargatai, 31, Freelance Journalist

-Chris Scott, 29, Executive Director, Ohio Legislative Black Caucus

-Lydia Munnell, 28, Brews and Prose Artistic Director & English Teacher, St. Edward High School

Takasha Nutall24, Policy Research Associate, Cleveland City Council


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