Your Answers: What industry is your town known for?

Last episode we learned about a town that has a lot of love for one of their local businesses. Now we want to know: What industry is your town known for?

I don't think there is much industry in our home town. My mom and dad say that's why we like it here. But if I had to say there was an industry, it would probably be farms. There are a lot of horse farms and other farms in our town.

— James, Lindsey Elementary, Chesterland, OH

My town is known for farming and agriculture. In our town people farm corn, soy beans, wheat and hay. During harvest the crops are taken to our local elevators. Elevators dry out and store the crops so they can be picked up by local truckers and hauled off around the United States. The crops can be used for livestock food, livestock bedding, human consumption and so much more. We also have large amounts of livestock in our town. We have local dairy farms that supply milk, cheese and butter for the farmers market. One of the local meat markets get all their beef from their own farm!

— Gracelyn, Miami East, Casstown, OH

Our town is known for the pork industry. We have the flying pig marathon once a year, and Cincinnati used to be nicknamed "Porkopolis".

— Annabelle, Wilson Elementary, Cincinnati, OH

My town is known for the Medina Historic Square. We have a candle store called A.I. Root candles that is in the square and it has been here for over 150 years! We also have an ice sculpture festival that is really cool. The square is also known for its Victorian architecture. 

— Leah, Buckeye Intermediate, Medina, OH

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