NewsDepth A+: Your Civic Duty

Many people in our families and in our communities have made sacrifices through military service to give us the freedoms that we enjoy every day. Levi Detweiler, a second grader at Northwood Elementary School in North Canton, feels that it’s his “second grade civic duty” to thank those who have served in the military. His unique way of thanking them earned him this week’s A+ Award.

This year, in Mrs. Mesmer’s music class, the students created a video performance of them singing and singing patriotic songs. They shared that performance with their local community as a way to say “thank you” to veterans. Levi took it upon himself to go the extra mile. He created his own video of him singing and signing and sent it to veterans in his family as a personal thank you for their service. 

His family members were very grateful for the video he sent. One family member even remarked that they were very “impressed by his second grade civic duty.” Ms. Detweiler shared that Levi’s singing voice is amazing. Levi was also able to extend his patriotic thank you into his halloween costume. As a way to honor our vets, and along with his siblings and cousins, he dressed as a soldier for Halloween and dutifully marched from house to house. He shared that his candy haul this year was a star-spangled success.

Levi dedicated his performance this year to his great great grandfather who earned a Purple Heart for being wounded at the Battle of the Bulge. The Battle of the Bulge was an important Allied victory in Europe towards the end of World War II. According to Levi, it is important to remember and thank our veterans because they protect our freedoms and fight for us. Aside from signing and signing, Levi tells us that his favorite class in school is math. Outside of the classroom Levi enjoys basketball. Telling jokes is another one of his interests.

This week’s A+ Award goes to Levi Detweiler for honoring our veterans. Keep up the great work, Levi!!

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