NewsDepth A+: Kaiden Whitney

One thing that really makes every teacher’s day is seeing their students improve in the classroom, in the hallways, and outside of school. Don’t believe me? Ask your teacher. I’ll wait a few seconds…    Kaiden Whitney, from Parma Park Elementary School, is the kind of student who made his teachers’ day with his improvement, and for that, he is this week’s A+ Award Winner!

“Last year Kaiden made such an amazing turn around in our classrooms. By the end of the school year he had such an amazing attitude and had made such a tremendous amount of growth academically, socially, and emotionally,” Kaiden’s third grade teacher Ms. Hall shared. “We are so unbelievably proud of all the progress he made and will miss him immensely,” another third grade teacher, Ms. Zeman added.

Kaiden’s grandmother told us that he is bright and creative, and has really shown a lot of maturity over the past year. Kaiden, now a fourth grader, tells us that his favorite subjects in school are science and writing. I hope he likes the Spot on Science segment that we put in this week’s episode just for him! He also told us that he enjoys martial arts and helping his friends. As a matter of fact, his teachers told us about a time earlier this year when one of his classmates was having a terrible day and he did his best to help calm his friend, give him advice, and support him through the rest of the day. He told us that he noticed that his classmate kept having bad days and he just wanted to help calm him down and help him out.

We asked Kaiden for some advice, and he told us that if we “always stay smart and work hard, we can all achieve great things.” That’s some great advice, Kaiden. For your work in and out of the classroom you’re this week’s A+ Award Winner!

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