NewsDepth A+: iMovement

When young people give back to their community, it builds a lasting relationship between residents and it makes the community stronger. The sixth grade, at Independence Middle School have a program called iMovement, that does just that. This week’s A+ Award goes to the sixth grade students at Independence Middle School who show their iPride and make Independence a great place.  

Students who participate in iMovement connect what their learning in the classroom to the community, sixth grade teacher Ms. Koussa explained. One of the enduring lessons the students takeaway is that even though they are young, they can make a big difference in the lives of their neighbors. The students learn life lessons in kindness, service, community, and generosity, all while showing their iPride throughout their community.

Throughout the year, the students have multiple opportunities to give back. In the fall they help elderly community members rake leaves. Ms. Kouss told us that community members start signing up in the summer and there’s even a waitlist! During the spring the students help get lawns ready for the warmer months and even help mow lawns and trim bushes. In the colder months, the students visit the senior center to have lunch with community members.

The students also commit random acts of kindness. Often they can be found at a local shopping center passing out gift cards to help buy people lunch. They also make cards and take snacks to the first responders in Independence. 

What started out as a book project about an urban garden fifteen years ago, has grown into an important part of being a student at Independence Middle School and a great way for the students to build a relationship in the community that they live in. “We want the students to really learn that as a community, we’re in this together,” Ms. Koussa told us.

But what really impressed us here at NewsDepth was what community members had to say about the work that the iMovement program was doing all over Independence. Mrs. Tidrick wrote “the shrub you replanted looks great! The pink and purple flowers were such a nice surprise.”

Mrs. Lesh summed it up best when she wrote “you are an awesome group that we can be proud of as Independence residents. Keep up the good work and kudos to your teachers, too!”

This week’s A+ Award goes to the sixth grade at Independence Middle School for giving back through the iMovement program and showing their iPride.

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