The History of Coming Out

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It’s National “Coming Out Week”, and this show will look at the history of coming out. What did it look like in the past and what does it look like today? What has changed and what remains the same? Even as much progress has been seen, for the LGBT community, family and workplace issues remain among the biggest challenges. Experts and community members will be on hand to share their insight and personal stories. 


Dr. Ken Schneck, Associate Professor of Education at Baldwin Wallace University. 

Melanie Falls, Retired social worker, Walton Hills, OH 

Michelle Tomallo, Board President, Plexus Chamber of Commerce for LGBT and Allies

Maria Shinn, Attorney. Attorney, Shinn Lanter, LLP, Lakewood, OH

Randy and Denise Webb, PFLAG Cleveland parents

Darius Stubbs, Teaching Artist, Cleveland Public Theater


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