Campaign to Extend the Cigarette Tax

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The 30-cents-a-pack local tax on cigarettes to fund the arts is set to expire after next year unless voters OK a 10-year extension. Supports acknowledge a cigarette tax isn't ideal, but it has been a success. I'm Mike McIntyre and we'll hear the case for an extension tomorrow morning at 9 on the Sound of Ideas, and learn about alternative arts taxes in other communities. And we want to hear from you. Join us tomorrow right here on 90.3.


Karen Gahl-Mills, executive director, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture

Fred Bidwell, co-chair, Arts and Culture Action Committee

Barbara Robinson, co-chair, Arts and Culture Action Committee

Michael Rushton, PhD, Professor and Director of Arts Administration Programs, Indiana University

Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek, executive director, Near West Theatre

Edna Duffy, artistic director, Duffy Liturgical Dance Ensemble

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