Windshield Wipers Going? Turn Your Lights On, Says New Law.

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Drivers beware: there’s a new reason for police to give you a ticket. If you’re driving in the rain and using your windshield wipers, you better turn on your headlights too. It’ll cost you between 100 and 150 dollars if you don’t. But State Highway Patrol Sergeant Raymond Durant says it’s not all that bad – you can’t actually get pulled over JUST for not having lights on while you’re windshield wiper is going.

Durant: This is a secondary offense not a primary offense where you stop just for that it has to be something else, just like a seat belt.

Representative Ujvagi from Toledo was the one who proposed the law. He says 17 other states already have the law, and find it makes the roads safer.

Ujvagi: While I don’t think that there are any hard numbers that may have been done - the sense was from the other states that it was something that has been very helpful.

Police officers have been issuing warning tickets for the past 6 months to educate drivers, but with the New Year they’ll be handing out real tickets.


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