Turkey Troubles in School Cafeterias

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The problem is too many skinny turkeys this year, caused by an unusually hot summer, and that has led to a decrease in drumsticks for school cafeterias. Supermarkets usually get first choice from turkey suppliers, (and) if there are leftovers - and usually there are plenty - the U.S. Department of Agriculture can snap them up. But this year there wasn't enough for the USDA and some school lunch programs have been left with little more than a wing and a prayer. Bill Jet from the Elyria City Schools says the turkey supply from the USDA has gone down nearly 70% since last year.

Bill Jet: We're all basically in the same boat. We're just getting less than we got a year ago and unless you kind of save and plan, you'll come up short.

Jet says they foresaw the turkey troubles and were able to save enough turkey to have a full Thanksgiving feast. The kids in Oberlin weren't so lucky, however. The school lunch planners filled out their menu with a less traditional option: Thanksgiving ham. Elaine Falk, 90.3.

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