Trade Show And Workshop Highlights Green Energy

Clean, renewable energy has moved from aspiration to reality in Ohio, says Bill Spratley, executive Director of Clean Energy Ohio, which is hosting this weekend's workshop and trade show.

Spratley: "The solar installation firms have been growing by leaps and bounds. Some of the big industries that people are familiar with - Parker hannfin, Timken, Lubrizol - a number of these companies are in renewable energy in terms of thing that they supply."

Wind turbines, geothermal energy, biomass… all have become familiar in the lexicon of clean energy alternatives, and they'll be on display Saturday at Cuyahoga Community College's Corporate East campus. More than two dozen designers, distributors and consultants will have exhibition booths set up. There will also be a wide variety of educational sessions, says Bill Spratley, and reviews of state and federal policies designed to encourage expansion of renewable energy industries.

Spratley: "There have been some new incentives that have occurred, as well as a whole bunch that have come down through the federal government starting with the bailout bill in October and then the federal stimulus bill in February."

Green Energy Ohio will introduce its own incentive - a solar energy rebate program that, used in conjunction with state and federal tax credits, can cut the cost of a solar installation in half.

The day-long Green Energy & Green Jobs Workshop and Tradeshow begins at 9am Saturday with a keynote address by Ohio Senator Sherrod brown, and is open to the public.

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