Tokyo Company Chooses NE Ohio for North American Headquarters

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The system developed by Eye Plus Plus uses a tiny camera on the bridge of a pair of glasses and a small computer in a fanny pack, to collect images. Then a head band connected to the computer sends electrical impulses to the brain of the person wearing the device. Tom Sudow, executive director of the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce helped bring the company to Northeast Ohio and he says with training, a blind person is able to visualize what the camera sees.

Tom Sudow: What they're sensing is what the shape is, what the object is in front of them. So what it looks like and I've seen it on a screen, if you blew it up 500x12 it would look like the rudimentary figure that would come out of a dot scheme.

Sudow says the Eye Plus Plus device is about a year to 18 months from being available to the public. He says the company is negotiating with a local medical device manufacturer to mass produce the product. Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 90.3.

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