The Study of Prehistoric Man: Interviews with Dr. Donald Johanson

Nature vs. Nurture

The discoverer of "Lucy" was in Cleveland last week to talk about his latest work on human origins. Dr. Donald Johanson is America's most famous paleoanthropologist. In 1974 he discovered the 3.2 million-year-old hominid skeleton in Ethiopia -- popularly known as Lucy -- that radically changed the scientific understanding of early human evolution. 90.3's Karen Schaefer talked to Dr. Johanson about his work. She asked him how the study of human beginnings could help clarify the age-old debate over nature versus nurture. Dr. Johanson says that study can help us better understand who we are today. [Listen]

Dr. Donald Johanson -- discoverer of Lucy -- talking with 90.'3s Karen Schaefer. You can find his new website at And tune in tomorrow morning when we'll hear more about Dr. Johanson's work and his thoughts on the future of the human species.

Lucy and Cleveland

Paleoanthropologist Dr. Donald Johanson -- the discoverer of Lucy -- was in Cleveland last week to talk about his work. It was his first visit in over a decade. But Dr. Johanson has close ties to Cleveland that stem from the days when his career as an explorer of human origins was just taking off. In the early 1970's Dr. Johanson was an assistant professor of anthropology at Case Western Reserve University and also worked at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He spoke with 90.3's Karen Schaefer about those first years excavating site in Africa and bringing his discoveries home. [Listen]

You can learn more about Dr. Johanson's latest discoveries, as well the story behind a recent three and a half-million year old find by the Leakey's that may challenge Lucy's position as a missing link. Just go to And tomorrow morning we'll hear the final segment in this 3-part interview with Dr. Donald Johanson, America's most famous investigator of human origins.

Studying the Past to Understand the Future

Over the past couple of mornings we've heard from paleoanthropologist Dr. Donald Johanson on the origins of humankind. The discoverer of Lucy was in Cleveland last week to talk about the work of those who study human evolution and what we can learn from the past. Today, Dr. Johanson tells us what he believes may be the future of humanity. [Listen]

Dr. Donald Johanson, the discoverer of Lucy, a 3-million year old skeleton found in Africa in 1974 and believed by scientists to be an ancestor of our modern human species. 90.3's Karen Schaefer interviewed Dr. Johanson and prepared these reports.

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