The State of Poverty in Ohio

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The report is released annually by the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies, but the authors say this year's numbers are alarming. George Zeller says new post-census data shows in the last two years, Ohio has lost more than 203,000 jobs, with Northeast Ohio leading the state.

George Zeller: And we're getting sharp increases in poverty not only in Cuyahoga County, but every county surrounding around Cuyahoga County is also losing jobs. Even normally growing places like Medina, Lake and Lorain Counties are also losing jobs.

Zeller says in 2001, 5%, or more than 36,000 jobs disappered in Cuyahoga County from all sectors of the economy. The report recommends increasing aid to families, particularly in the area of housing. It also suggest the state establish an earned income tax credit for Ohio's poorest families. Karen Schaefer, 90.3.

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