Study Reveals Ohio Population Is Growing Old

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It’s not exactly new news that Ohio’s population is aging, but this recent study shows that it’s happening faster than other forecasts predicted. Two years ago, none of Ohio’s 88 counties had such a high percentage of people 60 years or older.

Miami University’s Scripps Gerontology Center released the report. Shahla Mehdizadeh is a researcher at Miami University and she says the reason is the economy.

MEHDIZADEH: “Some of the working age population who couldn’t find work here picked up and left. The younger people who are more mobile who have more opportunity in other places, they leave. And the people who stay behind are the older people or people with disabilities."

Mehdizadeh says it can put a strain on Ohio’s future since more older people need state assistance, and because it’s happening so quickly there’s little time to prepare. Rural communities see more youth leaving, but cities have also taken a hit. With the exception of Columbus, all of Ohio’s major cities report a loss of young people.

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