State Lawmakers Consider Capping Casino Tax Credits

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Republican State Senator Bill Coley has a message for casino owners who he says have broken promises made to voters.

Coley: "You didn't build what you promised to build, you are not employing the number of people you said you would employ and when you didn't build the facility that big, there's a lot of construction jobs that didn't get created because you built the facility a lot smaller than you were supposed to."

Coley and other state lawmakers want to restrict the amount of a tax credit those operators receive. He says more than a half million has been given away so far.

But in a written statement, Eric Schippers, with Penn National Gaming says Coley's proposal is ill conceived, misguided and could end up reducing state income from gambling even more in the long run.

Schippers says the numbers Coley uses are wrong and says the original projections were based on a different gambling landscape in Ohio when seven racinos now in place didn't exist.

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