Solon Possible Host For International Center

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One of the reasons Solon is in the running for the British company-- Xchanging incorporated-- is that company wants a larger foothold in the midwest; a spokesman also says Ohio's "work ethic and ready work force" are attractive; and Xchanging likes the hefty tax breaks state and local government are offering. the company would get a 70 percent credit towards any state taxes for nine years and Cuyahoga county would provide one and a half million dollars to the firm at low interest. for it's part, Xchanging must keep operations in northeast Ohio for a minimum 18 years,

Bob Grevey of the Ohio Department of Development says it's a good deal for Ohio.

GREVEY: "785 jobs created within three years of the project, and we believe this tax credit is responsive to the company's business plan. We look forward to working with them on what we hope will be a tremendous success in northeast Ohio."

The jobs that would come with the deal typically average 20 dollars an hour in wages and benefits and involve clerical and other back-office business processing for companies such as American express, MasterCard and Wal-mart.

Rick Jackson, 90.3.

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