Sierra Club Visits To Endorse Candidate

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Standing in front of Cleveland's most visible sign of alternative energy - the wind turbine at the Great Lakes Science Center - the presidents of both groups slammed Senator John McCain's policies supporting oil and nuclear energy, and - in their words - ignoring energy sources like wind.

Steelworkers have embraced high tech wind generators, in part, according to USW President Leo Garard, because each of them is made with more steel than any 10 cars on the road, so turbine manufacturing is going to mean jobs in Ohio.

GARARD: "The technology for these new windmills - guess what - came to birth right here in Ohio - in Sandusky."

Sierra Club President Allison Chin said the Obama endorsement was made easier by McCain's call this week to end the ban on off shore oil drilling.

The groups say they will mobilize their combined two million members to campaign for Senator Obama.

Rick Jackson, 90.3.

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