Sherrod Brown Continues To Lead Josh Mandel

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The independent Quinnipiac Poll says Sherrod Brown tops Josh Mandel by 16 points, 50-34 percent. But in a bit of a twist, Public Policy Polling – a firm usually identified as leaning Democratic—shows Brown with a lesser lead – 46-39 percent.

Both polls came out after a brutal week, in which editorial pages and fact-checking organizations repeatedly chastised Mandel for claims made in his ads and statements.

And Public Policy Polling says the negative ads have lessened the public’s opinion of both men. Brown says those opinions are being sown by third parties.

BROWN: “This wouldn’t even be a contest if there weren’t 8.5 million special interest dollars attacking me in this campaign. There’s more money in attack ads against me than (in) any state in the country. It’s special interest dollars that don’t like me standing up for the middle class.”

Josh Mandel did not respond to calls for comment.

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