Senator Brown Opposes International Trade Agreement

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown plans to introduce a bill that would prevent the U.S. from signing on to a new international trade agreement.

Brown opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP -- a proposed trade agreement that would promote free trade between countries in North, Central and South America and Asia-Pacific nations. Brown says the agreement would undermine American auto and other manufacturing industries, and wants to give power back to Congress to oversee trade negotiations. He says his bill places a priority on domestic manufacturing and protects American jobs.

BROWN: “This bill will help us in the future, if enacted, negotiate trade agreements that work for the middle class, that work for American workers and American manufacturing. Partly by transparency, partly by accountability, and partly by setting benchmarks on what we need to do to make sure our trade agreements work for us as a country.”

Brown says he hopes to introduce the bill later this week. Negotiations for the TPP are scheduled to continue next week in California.

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