Senate Bill Passes Ohio House And Senate

The controversial collective bargaining bill is on its way to Governor Kasich. He’s expected to sign it before the end of the week. Yesterday afternoon, most majority Republicans in the Ohio House approved the bill. All democrats and five Republicans voted against it.

After that vote, Democrat Armond Budish fired up the hundreds of protestors gathered in the Rotunda.

"In November of 2012, we take back this house," Budish promised.

Last evening, the Ohio Senate followed suit in a 17 to 16 vote, identical to the one they made on the bill earlier this month, with six Republicans in the Senate voting against it.

Republican Senate Tom Niehaus says don’t read too much into that.

"No, I think what it reflects is the diverse backgrounds that our members have, and the diverse areas that they represent," Niehaus says. "Frankly, I think that's the strength of our caucus, you know we are not--some people might characterize us as a homogenous group--we’re not. We have different ideas and we have spirited debates. That’s the strength of this process and so, I’m proud of the caucus."

Unions representing firefighters, police officers, and teachers who are affected by the bill promise to collect signatures to put the issue on the ballot this fall.

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