Romney Tells Ohio Students To Consider Career When Choosing Course Of Study

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Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was at a private liberal arts university in Westerville this afternoon. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles has details.

Romney spoke twice at Otterbein in Suburban Columbus, first with a half dozen graduating students. Most of them didn't have jobs. Romney said part of the problem is students aren't studying what employers need. And he points to a conversation he had with a company in Massachusetts who need engineers.

ROMNEY: "They said we need more graduates with engineering degrees. It's a good paying job from the entry level, but also throughout a career. And yet the students going into higher learning aren't signing up for engineering, as they might."

Later, Romney spoke in a larger auditorium where he told students, staff and others that the nation is at an important point and the decision voters make in November is crucial. He said it's important to make government smaller, hold down debt, and let the free enterprise system work.

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