Rock Rolls into Cleveland

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For years, one of the biggest beefs among Rock Hall critics is that, despite the fact that the building is here, the induction ceremony is generally held in New York or L.A.

TERRY STEWART: Well, the controversy is created by the people that don't have to finance it every year.

Hall of Fame president Terry Stewart says it costs about three million dollars to host Induction Night --- money that's easier to come by on the east or west coasts

TERRY STEWART: That three million dollars is money I normally get to bring into the museum and run the museum. We don't have a checking account or an operating reserve or an endowment. So when people kept coming to me --- and particularly the mayor --- and said why don't we have it here, I said, we could have it here anytime we want to, but I need some help."

He got some help from the City of Cleveland, which kicked in some money, as did several foundations and now the stage is set for a number of concerts, lectures, and exhibits that will take place this coming week, leading up to this Saturday's inductions, which the public will get to attend for the first time. And if the city puts on a good show, local officials are hoping to continue to host the event every three years.

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