Rock Hall Inductions Coming to Cleveland in '09

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Expect to see rock stars roaming Cleveland sometime in 2009. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum says it will hold its inductions here that year, after years of hosting the ceremony on the coasts. If it goes well , expect to see inductions in the city every three years. That's music to the ears of City Council President Martin Sweeney.

SWEENEY: The city of Cleveland is getting the respect it deserves on the world stage by getting it every three years here.

Asked why the inductions would be here only every three years, Rock Hall CEO Joel Peresman said there's more support in New York, which is home to many of the entertainment companies. He says the stars will be happy to come to Cleveland.

PERESMAN: They'll come. It's not a question of getting the artists here. It's such an honor for them, they'll be here.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also announced it's well on its way toward raising enough money for a library and archives, to be housed at Tri-C. It also plans to extend its reach beyond Cleveland, with new spaces in New York and Memphis for traveling exhibits.

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