Redeploying Airport Police

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Last month, the mayor proposed moving 45 out of 54 officers from airport duty and replacing them with a private security detail that was given arrest powers by the city.

Police Patrolman's Association president Steve Loomis wasn't buying it. He countered that city cops would be tempted to moonlight on this new airport security force, taking concentration away from their day jobs. Speaking on 90.3's Sound of Ideas program, the mayor said federal security guidelines would preclude that possibility.

Steve Loomis: They don't want part time police officers; they want someone who is dedicated to that. That is their job.

Police union head Loomis has also charged that the city can't deputize a private security force except in a state of emergency. The mayor says, the Ohio Revised code does in fact give him that right for short periods of time, that can be extended through renewals. David C. Barnett, 90.3.

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