Proposal Would Allow Driver's Ed Classes To Be Taken Online

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Safety advocates and driving schools in Ohio are urging Governor John Kasich to veto a part of the budget correction bill that would allow driver's ed to be taken online instead of in classes.

Rick Oxender, a lobbyist for Ohio AAA, says teachers need to personally observe young drivers for cues that the message might not be sinking in. And he says there's no way to guarantee that the person who is supposed to be taking the course is the one actually doing the work.

And Ruth Thompson thinks this could affect jobs as well. She works with the Four A International Driving School in Cincinnati.

"When you google search online driving schools, all of the top results are large companies that are based out in California. And in the greater Cincinnati area alone, we have about 10 driving schools that are small businesses, most of them are run by local entrepreneurs and all of them would be hurt by this."

Connie Wehrkamp, a spokeswoman for Governor Kasich, says he has not made up his mind about whether to line item veto this part of the budget bill. She says the governor is still reviewing the issue.

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