PNC Logo Finally Adorns HQ Building

The name and logo of PNC financial services has finally replaced the National City Bank signage at the roof level of the headquarters building along East 9th Street.
The new sign is blue during the day and white at night, with energy efficient LED bulbs that the company says will save more than $11,000 in electricity costs each year. Each letter and each logo of the sign weighs 1,000 pounds.
Individual branches will see signage changing during the beginning of 2010.

Regional Vice President Paul Clark accompanied ideastream's Bill Rice to the roof of the structure for a look.
While there, Bill asked what benefits PNC customers are seeing that were not in effect when National City was in charge.
Clark replied that "For our corporate customers, foreign exchange capabilities that we didn't have before, for our wealth management customers, some interest rate risk management products that we didn't have before, and for our treasury management customers, our cash managment customers, all sorts of national lock box products that we didn't have before."

PNC bought National City Bank using Federal TARP money last year, when National City was regarded as a floundering bank.

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