Plusquellic Renews Plea For Direct Federal Aid To Cities

Mayor Plusquellic says cities need more direct relief. Unemployment is lingering around ten percent and the mayor has warned the city council more layoffs may be coming. Mayor Plusquellic wants federal assistance for Akron’s policemen, firefighters and school teachers. He also says Congress should give cities direct aid for energy projects and community development.

Plusquellic: “Because each city can develop their own plan and then the people can hold them accountable for what way, how they’re spending their money and I think that’s one of the emphasis I would like to place that we beef up those programs that have the most amount of help, the quickest and most effective way because it’s done locally.”

The Senate just passed a smaller jobs bill and money from the first stimulus package is still trickling into Ohio. But it has to pass through federal and then state agencies. Mayor Plusquellic says city officials can spend money faster than Washington or Columbus.

For 90.3, I’m Matt Laslo, Capitol News Connection in Washington.


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