One Member of Board of Elections Resigns

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Ed Coaxum, a democrat, said in a written statement that he supports Jennifer Brunner's effort to bring new leadership to the board. He said with a search for a new director and deputy director underway, the timing is appropriate.

Coaxum's decision leaves three board members - one democrat and two republicans - who have rebuffed Brunner's demand that they resign by the close of business Wednesday. Brunner's spokesman Patrick Galloway says the Secretary will file a complaint with the board today. If they still don't resign, he says, a hearing would be scheduled, to be conducted by an independent officer.

Patrick Galloway: And so they could suggest that yes, the removal is justified and suggest to Secretary Brunner that her is the next course of action. She does have the authority as a constitutional officer to also remove them despite what the report may say.

Robert Bennett, the republican board chairman, still says he will not resign. He says the Secretary's case may prove to be weaker than she thinks in the light of a full public hearing. Bill Rice, 90.3.

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