Ohioans To Vote On New License Tags

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They will be mostly white, with blue letters and numbers, and a red triangle at the top. A new feature will include slogans in small letters in the background. Governor John Kasich says Ohioans will be able to choose their favorites by voting online, and the 50 or so most popular will be used.

"Whether it's go Bucks, go Browns, or, you know, I love Cincinnati, whatever it is, come to southern Ohio, you know, we rock... whatever it is, they will be able to send in their suggestions that will then be posted on the license plate picked by a committee. So, this is about as interactive of a program as you can imagine."

Kasich says – as a cost-savings measure, Ohio’s current supply of license tags will be used up before the new tags are distributed. He notes – Ohio will become the first state to have its drivers licenses and license plates with the same color scheme and design. Students at the Columbus College of Art and Design came up with the new style.

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