Ohioans Rally Against Carbon Pollution

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Environment Ohio, a citizen-based environmental organization, held a press event today (Thursday) to announce the overwhelming support for recent carbon pollution standards set by the EPA. Environment Ohio’s Craig Gibson announced the organization’s success in gathering 168,000 local signatures in support of public air standards and the Clean Air Act. Additionally, the organization gathered two million signatures nationwide after two months, more than doubling previous efforts to garner national support, which only amounted to 900,000 signatures.

Local officials, including State Representatives Nickie Antonio and Mike Foley, and the Director of Sustainability for Cleveland, Matthew Gray, joined Gibson to discuss the City of Cleveland’s new carbon reduction strategy to deal with climate change.

ANTONIO: “We’d really like to see the tax credits come back. We saw when they were enforced before in the state of Ohio that people did do things like, small business as well as residential areas, put solar panels up and looked into, and in some cases, put wind energy on their property. So, it’s really about encouraging people to have an alternative…we really should be investing in renewable resources.”

Antonio also encouraged legislation that would reduce carbon emission by restricting engine idling for cars. Similar legislation was passed in Lakewood in 2010, which banned cars from idling for more than five minutes.

Local officials also emphasized their commitment to hold coal-burning power plants accountable for their contribution to air pollution.


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