Ohio Workforce Could Expand with Increased Energy Manufacturing

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The report by the Washington based Renewable Energy Policy Project estimates more than two thousand firms in Ohio are well-positioned to create 29,900 new jobs - including 13,000 in wind turbine production and another 6,000 in solar manufacturing.

David Foster is Executive Director of the Blue Green Alliance, a partnership of the United Steelworkers and the Sierra Club that's pushing for more green jobs for blue collar workers.

David Foster: Ohio has a strong advantage, with the well-developed manufacturing and transportation infrastructure that it already has.

He says state policy changes to encourage more energy production from renewable sources could push Ohio's renewable energy manufacturing base to "best in the nation" status.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown agrees that renewable energy could have a strong future in the state, calling it an under-investigated possibility.

Sherrod Brown: I hear these ideas going on and all kinds of groups are tinkling and beginning to invest and beginning to move."

State lawmakers are considering a so-called "renewable portfolio standard" to attract more of that kind of investment.

Rick Jackson, 90.3.

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