Ohio to Become Country's Healthcare Leader

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Supporters say a new medical mart and convention center would make Northeast Ohio the healthcare leader in the country.

But when Partnership director Joe Roman gave an update on the project to Cleveland City Council Thursday, some council members were concerned they still did not have basic details about the site location and how it would be funded.

Councilman Michael Polensek says the council felt slighted when initially told about the medical mart and urged Roman to keep them informed earlier rather than later during the negotiations. Polensek also worried officials had already settled on Tower City as their preferred site, rather than rebuilding the current facility on Lakeside.

POLENSEK: The Forest City site is a fete a compli. That that's where it's going. It's a done deal. And, so I raise that issue because as a legislator I'm greatly concerned about our fiduciary and legal responsibilities as it pertains to the convention center. We still owe money on it.

Roman told council that the site for the medical mart and convention center was not a done deal. But he said past convention site studies showed it needed to be located near nightlife and close to hotels.

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