Non-Citizen, Legal Resident Students Push For In-State Tuition

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Some students who have lived in Ohio most of their lives but are not U.S. Citizens can receive a special status that allows them to go to college. But even with that designation, many of those students cannot afford college because they are not allowed to pay in-state tuition, even though they live here in Ohio.

Maria Sanchez finds herself in this situation.

Sanchez: "It’s really expensive and it’s three times more than what any citizen would pay, and I don’t qualify for any financial aid or any financial support so that’s why it’s really hard to get into school right now. I’ve been taking online classes but I’m taking one class at a time and that's the only thing I can actually afford to pay."

Sanchez is one of a thousand people who have signed petitions, asking the head of the Ohio Board of Regents to allow students enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to pay the in-state tuition rate at state universities.


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